Sunday Clouds

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 I love everything about this photograph. I love the dark wood, the cream sheets that make me imagine sunday morning clouds, the contrast between the two, the delicate but slightly wild flower arrangement  and the bold, playfulness of the purple.


Now, there is nothing like entering a room as beautiful as this, crawling into bed and slipping between your favorite sheets after a long day. It is a daily happiness that you can rely on so long as you have the perfect sheets. Anna Sova sheets are eco friendly and are made according to fair labor prices, which is guaranteed by inspects to each factory that makes Anna Sova fabrics. Visit to see beautiful silk sheets, hand woven ikats and more. 

Anna Sova | Blog on Interior Design

Better than Rubber Duckies

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About 242 million tires are tossed each year in the United States. Of that 243 million only 7% is recycled, and the majority of the tires end up in landfills, stockpiles or are illegally discarded. Minarc, a design firm based in California, has developed RUBBiSH Recycled Rubber Sink. To make the sink tires are cleaned, melted down and then made into thin sheets. The sheets are then stretched over frames that are either wood or metal. Black is not for everyone but the sinks may also be framed in aluminum to disguise it.

Minarc – Design Green | Blog on Interior Design

Playfulness and Sophistication

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Floor Section by Viesso is a favorite of mine for area rugs because not only do they practice sustainability, but I know that I can almost always find a rug to fit my project, whether its playfulness for a child’s room or sophistication for a modern living room.  

Viesso greatly takes sustainability into account, striving to make their products as green as possible. Viesso mostly uses materials that are recycled or natural and materials that are manufactured in a way that reduces environmental impact. Viesso is located in Los Angeles and all of their products are made locally which means there is less impact on the environment, it offers supports to the local economy, allows for more control over quality and a shorter lead time.


Acceptable Clutter

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I am not a fan of clutter but I do find an unorganized stack of books to be more than acceptable. I feel it is a piece of art within itself and the slight disorder is somewhat comforting. The stacked São Tomé stone, a traditional Brazilian building material, pleasantly mirrors the books.

 Carloss Miele – Elle Decor


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Feeling faint after waking from a nap, which was a desperate attempt to escape the heat, I left my 98o house and wondered over to the ever so cool grocery store. After grabbing squash for tonight’s dinner I flipped through interior design magazines in peace with my squash. In Elle Décor I came across the midcentury inspired glass house of Fashion Designer Carlos Miele. What really caught my attention was the hanging Patti chair by Armando Cerello. I have always envied babies for their swinging chairs because I find slight movement so soothing, and this is like a grown up version. The Patti chair is made of steel and rattan and the cushion is available in customers own material.   

Carlos Miele – Elledecor

Conserve Water – Be Selfish

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– Never let the water run! Many let the water run when brushing teeth, averaging between 1 and two gallons each time but only about 4. oz of water is needed to wet your tooth brush and rinse your mouth. So turn off the tap when brushing, washing hands, shaving, etc.

– Save water and time and use your trusty dishwasher. I used to wash my dishes by hand because I assumed it was a waste of water to use a dish washer. However hand-washing averages 20 gallons where as a dish washer averages 9-12 gallons per wash. Sometimes its good to be lazy.

–Fix leaks and drips, its 100% wasteful and the sound is irritating.

-Put a plastic jug full of water or sand in your toilet tank (not bowl) to reduce the amount of water used per flush.

If not for the environmenment, please be selfish and do it for your water bill.

Claim Your Rain

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Some people have been wary of collecting rain water because the rainwater barrels can be rather unsightly, but Simon Davies has developed an attractive outdoor table that has an incorporated rain barrel. The table has an inward slant to direct the water to the drain in the center, the water is then stored to a tank below. Furthermore, the table is made of recycled polymers.

Considering how much water we have come to use, collecting rain water is important. Rain water can be used for gardens, bathing and drinking once purified. I understand purifying water or heating it for a bath may be inconvenient, but using it for the garden is almost effortless and saves you money.

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