Claim Your Rain

September 25, 2010 § 1 Comment


Some people have been wary of collecting rain water because the rainwater barrels can be rather unsightly, but Simon Davies has developed an attractive outdoor table that has an incorporated rain barrel. The table has an inward slant to direct the water to the drain in the center, the water is then stored to a tank below. Furthermore, the table is made of recycled polymers.

Considering how much water we have come to use, collecting rain water is important. Rain water can be used for gardens, bathing and drinking once purified. I understand purifying water or heating it for a bath may be inconvenient, but using it for the garden is almost effortless and saves you money.

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§ One Response to Claim Your Rain

  • Rhonda Chen, CID says:

    Love this table. Wish it rained more in So. Cali so we could use something like this more often. This would be perfect in So. Florida and the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, they use rain barrels (and tanks) all the time outside of homes to collect water.

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