The Little Closet Office

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Often we are short on space and don’t have a place for the office. The office should be in a separate area, not in the family room, and most certainly not the bedroom; the bedroom should be an escape of relaxation and an office only reminds us of the thousands of things we still haven’t done and keeps our stress a constant. The solution? Tuck it away in a closet. It’s there when you need it but doesn’t act as a permanent to-do list reminder. You can even use the closet in your room, but truthfully, I’ve never heard of someone having an extra closet in their room. If you don’t have a spare closet, but have a bit of room, you can turn an armoire into a functional little office. There are even pre-made computer armoires if you don’t have the time to create one yourself.

Mismatching Chairs – Why Not?

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Mismatching the dining room chairs is comfortable; comfortable in an imperfect way, comfortable in a beautiful way. I dislike a perfectly matching home, where everything is just so and you feel like you can’t touch anything because it will throw everything off balance; it’s hardly relaxing. Mismatched chairs are elegant in their own way and more people aut to do it, but not too many, because it would lose all its interest.

Fondovalle Ironwood Tiles

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I have a love for wood floors; the problem is that wood is not the most practical for wet areas, such as a bathroom, so when I came across Fondovalle’s Ironwood tile collection it was happiness. It was like discovering Yogurt Land all over again, the satisfaction of ice-cream but the benefit of frozen yogurt being healthier. The satisfaction of wood, but the benefit of tile being more water resistant.

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Chalk Walls

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I can’t wait till I live in a home where I am allowed to paint the walls; somewhere there will be a chalk walk. Chalk paint obviously comes in black but Hudson Paint has a line of chalk paint in a variety of colors so those of you who are weary of black, don’t worry! You can also make your own chalk paint by mixing 1 cup of flat-finish latex paint (whichever color you’d like) with 2 tablespoons of un-sanded tile grout. Once the paint has dried smooth the area with 150-grit sandpaper and wipe off the dust. Optional: Rub the side of a piece of chalk over the whole surface then whip away the residue with a very lightly damp sponge. Directions courtesy of Martha Stewart, of course.

Watercolor Walls

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By Artist Karla Davidson

Black Crow Studios is a wallpaper company that collaborates with artists to produce custom designs that ‘push the traditional idea of wallpaper into the realm of Art.’ They are also developing regular wallpaper, framed stretched canvases, fabrics, original silkscreen items, pillows and more.

Flowers On The Wall

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Flowers on the wall, I love this idea. I imagine they are only glued onto a green painted wall.

So much beauty for so little effort.

Hanging Baby Cradles

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A year or so ago I fell in love with the hanging baby cradle by Leander. How can you not? It is a beautiful, Scandinavian design that is simple yet sophisticated. The gentle movement in which the cradle moves lulls a baby to sleep and promotes the babies sense of orientation, an important early development. The suspended cradle can be attached to either the ceiling or a stand, so it can be moved from room to room if needed. Leander products are also made from organic, sustainable materials, healthy for both baby and earth.

Suspended cradles, primarily available only from European manufacturers, have become very popular in Scandinavian countries, but not so in the U.S., or at least yet. Kindekeklein, Knoppa and Hushamock, have similar cradle designs to Leander that are also eco friendly and Kindkeklein makes a hanging twin cradle.


It is years till I have a baby, my precious puppy not included, but a Leander cradle will be the first piece of nursery furniture I get.

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