Dimmer Switches – Thursday Tip 3

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Dimmer switches add instant ambiance and can transform the mood of a room. It can add romance, elegance, relaxation and make a room more intimate and inviting. Having lights on dimmers is also convenient for when you wake in the night for something such as a glass of water, and can just turn on the lights a little instead of blinding yourself, shocking your recently rested eyes. It’s a good choice for the closet, bedroom and bathroom; three places spent shortly after waking.

Elle Decor

Moroccan Pouf and Glasses

March 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Loving Moroccan poufs and tea glasses.

Want them too? Here are some good sources for both:


Moroccan Prestige

Just Morocco

Serena and Lily


Moroccan Tea Glasses:



Moroccan Prestige


Nest Like Lounge Chairs – Eco Friendly

March 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

By Captpiper on Flicker

I can’t help but think of a nest when I look at these lounge chairs by InMod, I would be surprised if a nest wasn’t the inspiration in creating them. Not only are these lounge chairs beautiful, they are eco-friendly as well; a double hooray.


Teppan Chair - Inmod


Space Hog - InMod


Wan Stool - Inmod

Spoon Lounge Chair - Inmod


Mr. Success - Inmod

Mr. Success - Inmod


3D Floral Pillows

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So very pretty. I love these 3D floral pillows. I’d like to have just one, mixed in with a collection of other pretty pillows. Just one because its something special, unexpected, and more interesting on its own.

Jenna Pillow by Blissliving home

Jenna Cream Pillow - Blissliving Home

Avocado And Brown Felt Flower - Urbanfringe on Etsy

Light Yellow Rose on Gray Pillow - Bedbuggs on Etsy

French Rose Linen Pillow - Dedeetsyshop on Etsy

Ruffle Pillow in Smoke - Pier 1 Imports

Floret Pillow - Z Gallerie

Flower Pillow - Horchow

Fornasetti – Still in Love

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I was in love with anything Fornasetti the moment I came across Piero Fornasetti’s designs. Fornasetti is an artist from Milan who created over 11,000 pieces that featured the face of Lina Cavalieri, an opera singer known for her stunning beauty. Fornasetti says that he found her face in a 19th century magazine and once he began making pieces with the face of Cavalieri as a motif, he never stopped; his “Tema e Variazioni” (theme and variation) collection of plates has over 350 designs. His work primarily uses black and white, incorporating the sun and time themes and influences of Greek and Roman architecture.
This is my favorite Fornasetti Design:

Flat Screen Art Via Apartment Therapy

Empty Frames Wall Gallery – Tip

March 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Empty frames are a great substitute for buying art. All you need is a collection of frames, whichever style you prefer and then hang them in an artful way. You can find frames doing some thrift store wondering. Don’t turn your head if it is not a prefered color, if the frame itself is of quality, you can spray paint them to make a mismatched bunch more cohesive. You can make this wall of empty frames as large or small as you like. For positioning, look at all the frames as a whole and make the center at eye level.

Clayton Lewis’s Bed

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I’ve never seen a bed with more character. This bed was owned by Clayton Lewis, a well-loved fisherman and artist and it speaks exactly to his personality and life. The rest of his house was exactly like this, it was purely a magical place on a little beach in Inverness; no electricity, one deep, clawfoot tub outside, and a large vegetable garden. I wish I could have stayed here forever; it was very simple and you noticed the little things in life more.

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