Suspended Spheres – Lighting

March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Cloud Pendant Lamp

Designed by Frank Gehrey in 2006, this elegant, whimsical pendant provokes an imaginative side. Gerhry is most well known for his creative use of materials and for this lamp he has chosen a polyester fleece that has been treated a number of times to become stronger and resemble fibrous paper. The material is malleable, tear proof and easy to clean. Made in Germany by Vitra.


Non Random Light

Bertijan Pot designed this sophisticated pendant that perfectly and gently filters light through the yarn like design. Delicate and complex, this pendent evokes a sense of softens and romance. Made in The Netherlands by Mooi.


Taraxacum 88

This cluster of lights was designed by Achille Castigiloni, an Italian designer whose impressive work have been featured in museums throughout the world. This chandelier is clearly a piece of art in itself and offers a modern, airy style that is able to be intimate at the same time. It is especially ideal for common public areas such as the living room, dining room or even an entryway where it can be admired and become a topic of conversation.


Raimond Light

Raimond Puts is the designer responsible for this beautiful light. The pendent emits a warm light in all directions. I can only imagine the hours a child could spend looking at this sphere of light and dreaming up stories of the universe. This chandelier is not only beautiful, but is also environmentally friendly. Made in the Netherlands by Moooi.


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