A Feminine Bathroom That He Can Live With

May 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

Via Nuevo Estilo

I adore this bathroom. I love and want it. Every part of it. I was thinking “feminine” as soon as I saw the pink, but I came to realize its a feminine that could be accepted by “him,” the guy in your life because of the masculine grey colors and patterns.

How To: If you must have a feminine bathroom but you have a man to share it with, this is a way to pull it off. Its is rather feminine dominant but has enough masculinity that he can survive it and even like. Choose a dusty pink, its less girly (note: most men don’t hate the color pink.) Avoid floor to ceiling pink paint by making use of a tile chair rail (the subway tile here is gender neutral in shape and color). Pair a feminine accent color with masculine color such as pink and grey or pink and navy. Use a geometric floor tile, which speaks more masculine than other patterns.

A good way to make a balance between feminine and masculine is to use a masculine print or shape in a feminine color and vice versa. In this bathroom the vanity has cabriole legs, which are feminine but the  black balances it to become more gender neutral.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be 50:50. A 60:40 of feminine and masculine will do.

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