Color Scheme: Sea foam, Chocolate & Cream

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My Sea Foam Color Scheme

 I love love love sea foam green. But, sea foam in combination with chocolate brown and a vanilla white… it makes me smile.

Some greens are very cool, while others more warm, for me, sea foam green strikes the perfect balance of cool and warm. It is also calming and noninvasive.
What I like about this combination is that it covers different emotions, brown being rather grounding, white airy and light and then sea foam is kind of in the middle somewhere with a little freshness and fun.

Home Office For Two : Ideas

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One office, one computer, one work space, two people.                   ^ That does not work for many.

In the upcoming months, I will be working on making an efficient home office for two that I will be sharing with another, so I have been doing some research to figure out what the best arrangement would be.  I really like the T-shaped desk because it gives some extra surface space for both work areas compared to other layouts. I also think it is really important to make use of the wall by hanging shelves and stacking boxes (like photo boxes) to store items because I feel overwhelmed and more stressed when clutter is sitting about when I need to focus; hiding it away, neatly in boxes helps me keep a clear mind. I also like the idea of keeping something to write on or hang things on behind the work area on the wall, like a chalk board (or use chalk paint on the wall), a magnetic board or a cork board. For cork boards I think they look best covered in fabric, or simply painted. They have cork tiles you can buy at office supply stores now; I think it would also be cute to make a checkerboard pattern with them by painting half the tiles one color, and the other half another.

Painting Furniture

June 25, 2011 § 4 Comments

If a piece of furniture has good bones, meaning shape and material, the color is unimportant because it can be changed. You can give an ugly, tattered oak piece a coat of paint, and voila, its pretty again. So when you are out shopping for a piece of furniture (even lamps) and you are open to painting it, than disregard color and focus on shape and material. Many of the ‘shabby chic’ furniture you see in antique stores today were originally wood and have just been given a nice paint job and some new hardware. You can find many good pieces of furniture for very cheap because many people don’t think past its current state.

Painting can also save those cherished pieces that have sentimental value to you but are out dated and don’t complement your style.

Visit my post “My Painted Hutch” for tips on how to paint furniture:

Post # 100 – Outdoor Dining

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Summer, you are here, thank goodness! Today is my first day of freedom and I am just giddy with excitement.

Once I received my interior design degree, I went on to get my business degree, and oh my has the lack of creativity been unbearable. But, now it is Summer so I can spend my time enjoying more creative things. First on my list is to host a summer dinner party in my back yard, and here is a collection of the inspiration photographs I’ve come across.


Earthy Dining Rooms – Do you love it?

June 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have just realized that not a single one of my posts have been dedicated solely to dining rooms, so, here it is. This collection of dining rooms have a bit of an earthy, rustic, farmhouse feel. I’ve always liked this style because it reminds me of the summer beach house my family had when I was very young; it was like a little farmhouse that was comfortably simple.

Westbrook Interiors

Tommy Smythe


Bella Mancini Design

via. Decor Pad



Aaron Hom

via. Decor Pad

Feldman Architecture

Unbreakable Glasses for Summer

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I like pretty things, obviously, and I like when pretty things don’t get broken.

I think pretty things should be used, not live on a shelf, but clumsy friends can break them. For those of you who have clumsy friends, or 5 male roommates like me who carelessly knock glasses of counters in their sober state, or are clumsy yourself, here is the solution. Three, very different choices that are both break free and ugly free.

Baci Milano Acrylic Glasses by Elizabeth Bauer
Aluminum Tumblers by Sur La Table
Acrylic Wine Glass – Crate and Barrel
All three companies have different colors and or glass types as well.

12 Kitchens in Black

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Featuring black in  kitchen has a dramatic feel, depending on just how much black you choose to use. Black is a very versatile color and can work from modern styles to country chic, however I would not suggest using black in a kitchen that has few windows and low light.

Black and white is a classic combination; black cabinets can make white marble countertops stand out and vise versa. Use black chalkboard paint on a wall or upper cabinetry for writing lists or even recipes. If you fear black being too harsh, try a charcoal black and/or use less black. Play around with where you use black: trims, floor, countertops, cabinetry, appliances, light fixtures, tile, etc. And don’t be afraid to stray from only black and white, add an accent color. I especially like the black, white and turquoise color scheme. What accent color do you like with black?

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