Painting Furniture

June 25, 2011 § 4 Comments

If a piece of furniture has good bones, meaning shape and material, the color is unimportant because it can be changed. You can give an ugly, tattered oak piece a coat of paint, and voila, its pretty again. So when you are out shopping for a piece of furniture (even lamps) and you are open to painting it, than disregard color and focus on shape and material. Many of the ‘shabby chic’ furniture you see in antique stores today were originally wood and have just been given a nice paint job and some new hardware. You can find many good pieces of furniture for very cheap because many people don’t think past its current state.

Painting can also save those cherished pieces that have sentimental value to you but are out dated and don’t complement your style.

Visit my post “My Painted Hutch” for tips on how to paint furniture:

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§ 4 Responses to Painting Furniture

  • Jacksta says:

    good post, thank you! i am inspired to paint an old outdoor table i have!~mimila xo

  • Welcome : ) There are so many nice pieces of furniture that are just so tired and need to be touched up. When I go into a thrift store, I see “ugly, ugly, ugly” *pointing at each ugly piece* but some paint can make each “pretty, pretty, beautiful.”

    Note: I recommend using high gloss for painting outdoor furniture so it can be easily cleaned. And for inside furniture, eggshell at least, semi-gloss or high-gloss can be used too.

  • atta says:

    Do u know the exact colour for the first chest on chest?

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