Polish Hula Glasses

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Uncommon Goods

Fun, cheerful AND they hula. Whats not to like?

They come in cool and warm colors, 4 oz glasses and 2 oz shot glasses. Made in Poland.


My Painted Hutch + How To Tips

July 21, 2011 § 5 Comments


This is what I have been working on this summer; my hutch. When I found this used piece, the right bottom door was locked shut and I guess no one had bought it because of that, not realizing the lock could easily be removed. Lucky me, because I got it for a slamming 30 bucks. Anyhow, I immediately knew I wanted to paint it with a distressed finish, but how? I had never painted a piece of furniture in my life… I went online, I went to the library, and I didn’t quite come across what I was looking for. Everything was too complicated with a list of special materials I didn’t want to bother with. I finally just decided to do it myself, and this is how I did it:

1. Remove the doors and hardware, labeling (writing on painters tape) where each door goes and where the hardware goes. It is especially important if the hardware is unique with small differences between each because they may only line up with there original holes. Sand down the entire piece (including doors) to remove any finish so that the paint can stick. I used an electric sander for very large areas, like the top and sides and then did the rest by hand. Avoid edges with electric sanders as you can quickly, accidentally, grind down corners. When finished sanding, wipe off the sawdust.

2. Begin with a primer, painting the corners first, I believe the term for this is “cut in”. Then paint the rest of the interior. Because this piece is so dark, I used three coats of primer and one white top coat for the inside.

3. Mask any glass with painters tape, making sure the tape is securely pressed down so no paint leaks underneath onto the glass. Then prime doors, I used two coats. Note: If some paint does leak under (it did for me), hold a razor blade vertically and run it down the edge where the window and wood meet. Then turn the blade horizontal and scrape the paint off, starting at the top. Use long strokes (usually one will do it), not back and fourth scratches or you will mark up the glass.

4. Prime the exterior. I used two coats of primer.

5. Paint with your color of choice, I suggest two coats. p.s. thats my dog Riley, she kept me company.

6. This is the fun part. Take rough sandpaper and sand down to the original wood, focusing on areas that would naturally become worn, like the corners and door knobs. Then finish by sanding with a fine sandpaper, this makes it so you don’t feel a bunch of jagged edges when you touch it.

7. Remove the tape. There are two ways to do this and it depends on what style you want. I just gently pulled the tape off, which slightly rips off some of the paint with it (you can see that towards the top of the photo). If you want a clean cut, take a razor blade and run it along the edge where the glass and wood come together. This separates the paint on your tape from the paint on the wood, so when you pull the tape away it doest bring the paint off the wood with it (I did this for example near the middle of the photo.)

8. Put hardware back on.

This was my first furniture project and I’m quite happy with how it has turned out : )

I’m not sure whats the difference between a hutch and china cabinet is, but I feel that hutches are less formal and if you’re not holding china in it, well, it’s not a china cabinet. hmmm…

This one holds puppies.

Painted and Stenciled Concrete Floors

July 16, 2011 § 7 Comments

If I had concrete floors, I would paint them. Painting and/or stenciling concrete is a rather budget friendly update. I feel it is  a chance to experiment and add a little fun into a space, and you don’t have to worry about growing tired of it because repainting it again would not be very difficult or expensive. I especially like this lace stenciled one below; reversing the colors and having a grey pattern on a white floor would be nice too I think.

Moroccan Lanterns

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A few weeks ago I got these pretty little lanterns. They are nicer than a few other I have seen before because the cut outs on the bottom makes the fire light dance nicely on the table. I had an outside dinner party recently and I placed them on stone tiles along with short vases of flowers. I have a small dilemma though, to hang or not to hang (for normal indoor use)? Hanging them means loosing that pretty pattern on the table, but perhaps the pattern would be strong enough to reach the walls.. but they may be too small to hang in the first place. ? hmmm…

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