Painted and Stenciled Concrete Floors

July 16, 2011 § 7 Comments

If I had concrete floors, I would paint them. Painting and/or stenciling concrete is a rather budget friendly update. I feel it is  a chance to experiment and add a little fun into a space, and you don’t have to worry about growing tired of it because repainting it again would not be very difficult or expensive. I especially like this lace stenciled one below; reversing the colors and having a grey pattern on a white floor would be nice too I think.

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§ 7 Responses to Painted and Stenciled Concrete Floors

  • Keyo says:

    I had to remove the nasty carpet from the master closet when we moved into our house. Seeing the beautiful blue painted/stenciled concrete floor has helped me decide what I am going to do with the floor now.
    I can’t wait to get started…

  • MWest says:

    Indeed, on a tight budget, painting can be a great idea. These days there are now numerous sources of designs and inspiration if considering painted flooring systems. As a flooring system service provider (, it sure is good to make available services and products to the public in order to make them have their dream home.

  • yasemin says:

    Hi,do you have any idea about which type of paint should be used for this pattern?ad should it be done after smooting the concrete with helicopter?we used asphalt paint and it has already gone after a while .

    • Hi Yasemin,
      From what I have researched, its best to use epoxy-based paint for concrete. So whether it be for stenciling or painting it entirely, I would still use this type of paint, otherwise the paint may not hold up to traffic well. I assume stenciling should be done after smoothing.
      Best, Savannah

  • Jun says:

    I love your work!

  • Kristen says:

    This is beautiful! I love the blue and white in the bathroom picture. I am a total novice, how would I start and also how did you make it look so shiny? I want to use in my laundry room which just has a concrete floor and concete walls.

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