My Little Danish Dream Kitchen

September 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have never imagined my dream house as some extravagant mansion, but small and perfect. I want to have pretty things that make me happy daily, like a playful colored pot, pretty glass door knobs, a cute salt and pepper shaker. I think things you use daily should have thought put into them. I’d rather invest in things like a favorite cup to have my morning tea in, rather than china I might take out twice a year.

So.  Adorable. That is what this little Danish kitchen it. I LOVE it. What a happy blue; I just can’t help smiling when I look at it. I think the color and light has a lot to do with making it feel airy and open rather than cramped. This is my future kitchen’s roll model.

Det Blå Køkken by Det Mondaene Skur

Stunning Glass Lanterns

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I wondered into a little store in South Pasadena on Mission St. called “Livin’ Art” and to my delight, I found these amazing jewel tone, glass lanterns (among some other beauties as well). Livin’ Art continually stock their lanterns and because they are unique they always have a variety of different designs. I especially love the purple and multicolored ones. They are reasonably priced too, ranging from about $150 to $300.

Colorful bedspreads

Today I visited Mission Tile West; It was like a jewelry store for interior designers.

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I have really been liking arabesque tiles, and Tabarka has an amazing collection with many different colors, including metallic which adds a special something.  I love the three dimentional aspect of the arabesque one; arabesque alone is amazing, but this is stunning and unexpected, and I’m always looking to be surprised. The black swirling tile is a nice transition to the following two because it pulls from both the black and cream, whilst adding intrest with its pattern as well. The green tile attracts me because of its crackled jeweled effect. Lastly, I love mixing contrasting pieces, so thats why the black mirrored tile comes in; it adds a contrasting glam factor to the slightly rustic, ethnic arabesque tile

I imagine this as a kitchen backsplash, with the arabesque going up the entire wall behind a white farm sink.

From left to right: "Noblesse" tile by Tabarka Studio - "Lalla"by Sonoma Tilemakers. "Tantrum" - Eucalyptus by Sonoma Tilemakers. Name unknown - Briller

Other beauties I found – Encore Ceramics:

Color options

Rugs to Love

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Today I came across a stunning rug collection by New Moon called “Classic”. The rugs are crafted from soft Chinese silk and Tibetan wool so they are velvety rich to the touch. The patterns take a modern twist while still holding true to the traditional pattern, making them timeless pieces of art.

Capistrano – Bright Teal

Reevanna - Deep Teal

Castile - Storm

Castile - Walnut Blue

Savannah - Midnight / Silver


Alhambra - Frosted Lilac

Alhambra - Costal shale

Verona - Rose

valencia - Ivory / Salmon

Savannah - Ebony

I was designing before I even knew it

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Here is a picture I drew when I was 8 years old. It’s no Matisse, but I’ve done my two point perspective rather well considering I didn’t even know how to spell perspective. I don’t know why I thought windows had shelves though; but maybe they should? It would be a good place for indoor plants.

8 years old. Pencil. Printer paper.

Embracing Bright Colors

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I used to be slightly fearful of colors, especially bright colors, but no longer. I’ve seen them put together nicely in person and now I am fond of these cheery, playful colors.

Bright colors can be fun, beautiful and even sexy, but in excess it can go wrong; don’t over do it or it will look like a gum ball machine. Adding soft colors or neutral spaces give your eyes a place to rest.

Bright colors don’t have to mean childish.

Axel Vervoordt’s Venetian Palazzo

September 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have been in love with this house since it came out in Architectural Digest 5 or so years ago in a September issue. I have brought it to every house I have moved to, which has been more than one a year and it respectably sits among my design books. European interiors have always appealed to me most, I don’t know if it is my Polish background or maybe my little beach house of a shack I spent my summers in, with only oil lamps to light the night, but either way I am incredibly draw to these cozy European designs.

Axel Vervoordt is a well respected Belgian designer with the simple design philosophy: “Make people happy; make them discover things in themselves; make them feel at home and love their house.”

Secret hideaway?

In love with the use of sage and soft terra-cotta colors. Always fond of rustic raw tables.

Whimsical like drapes

This made me fall for indigo

Makes me think of reading with a cup of tea. Media doesn't belong here.

Inspiring space to work in

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