Alberto Pinto

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A designer born in Argentina and based in Paris was a recipe for one unique and beautiful style. Alberto Pinto’s designs were luxurious with rich, bold color schemes, over scaled patterns and a Middle Eastern flair. He had an eye for mixing different patterns and styles of various eras, making for a interesting, layered design that I find so appealing. I am especially inspired by his comfort with color and his details. I love the details, in any design, and Alberto Pinto does a beautiful job, especially in the details of doors, cabinets, windows, molding and so on.

I love the detail of the windows and the bold green sofa.

I love the detail of the windows and the bold green sofa.

Architectural details

Architectural details

Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns

Eastern meets victorian meets english

Eastern meets Victorian meets English

Pinks and purples nicely done

Pinks and purples nicely done

Door and cabinet details

Door and cabinet details

Bold stripes

Bold stripes and molding details

Something to make you go aah

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Peach and moss.. What a beautiful, bold, color combination!

I find this such a happy space, one that could quite possibly keep me from ever leaving. It is simply a feel good room.

It is refreshing to see the bed floating in the middle of the room, and a wise design choice to frame it with a rug and chandelier.  And that wallpaper! I have a thing for watercolor like fabrics, wallpapers and so on. This wallpaper is by Black Crow, other beautiful wallpapers are made by  Porter Teleo and can be customized.

Designed by Robert Passal for Traditional Home Magazine’s Hampton Show House.

Wallpaper by Black Crow
Upholstered bed frame fabric by Schumacher (Gainsborough Velvet in Apple)
Side table by Stephanie Odegard



Upholstered Headboard Sources

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An upholsted headboard is oh so important, so here are some sources for your new found love.

I LOVE the deep tufting on this one

Custom Bed By Heatherly Design

Custom Bed By Heatherly Design

Custom Bed By Heatherly Design

 I like headboards with wings because it feels cozy, almost like the bed is giving you a hug

Maxime Platform Wing Bed by Bernhardt

Graham Camelback by Bernhardt

Madison Crown by Bernhardt

Loving the unique shape and nailheads

Burlap Bed by Noir

Venezia by Kravet

By Century Furniture

p.s. I have done another post on headboards, see here:

Marigold Yellow

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I love a marigold yellow. I don’t come across it enough but maybe thats why it catches my attention so much. It is happy and luxurious with a royal feel but isn’t too overwhelming like a lemon yellow can be. I especially like it for a bedroom because it almost says “Wake up sunshine,” with its color.



A Secret Little Bedroom

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I am feeling over stressed and this room looks so incredibly wonderful right about now. Its simple, but cozy and comfortable, and void of any high technology that reminds me of all my responsibilities. All I want is to spend a few days with someone I really like in this room, talking, having tea, reading books, drawing, napping and looking at stars once the sun sets. Just look at those windows. This may not appeal to everyone, but it definitely speaks to me and my small town, basically in the redwoods, upbringing.


Headboards – Function and Beauty

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Headboard: another pretty thing to spend money on! Its’ not just their beauty that makes them necessary though. A headboard ground the room, and creates a focal point. If you choose a tall headboard it also help add height to the room. When you don’t have a headboard it looks like your bed is missing something, unless you play eye tricks with lots of pillows. But apart from visual benefits, they are functional as they provide a comfy back rest for reading in bed; a pillow just isn’t the same.

Bed Frame Abandonment – Beds on the Floor

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via apartment therapy

I am thinking about abandoning the bed frame and just taking it to the floor. I am weighing the pros and cons though. On the up side, it looks nice, i love the simplicity of it, and it offers the most happiness for the least amount of money; bang for my buck is what I am trying to say, but I just hate that term. On the down side, it’s not at all up; it’s so low that it’ll be even harder to get up out of bed in the morning then it already is, and it there is also no option for storage under the bed. Another issue is if you decide to go with the low style of bed, the rest of your furniture will have to be compatible with it too, which means low side tables. Or just forget the side tables and use the floor, or get fancy and cut stumps, spray paint them (silver? indigo?) and use them as a side table…

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