The Organization of a Fabric Library

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A while back I reorganized the fabric library, stepping up the efficiency at the office by quite a few notches. Now that it has been a while, I can safely say that this method works rather wonderfully.

We dig through these drawers constantly, so excuse the mess.

Fabric Library

Fabrics are stored in labeled, pull out drawers and are broken down by color: blue, blue green, green, yellow, orange, neutrals, metallic, and so on. Fabrics with multiple colors are broken down by type, such as florals, geometric, ikat/abstract, stripes, embroidery, and probably a few others. Then there are outdoor fabrics, leathers and sheers. There was one client whose design was very brown and blue oriented, so the brown blue combinations have their own drawers.

Folding Fabrics Savannah Bleue

Fabrics are folded so that the fold is facing up. If possible, tags are on the outside, rather than folded in so that the vendor and pattern numbers are visible without unfolding. If the fabric is a stripe, the fabric is folded with the stripes vertical so you can see right away that it is a stripe. Fabric cards have there own drawer. If space allowed it, fabric cards would be broken into color as well.

yellow fabrics

For me, this method is perfect. If I am working with a specific color scheme, and looking for say, something purple, I can go to the purple drawer, pull it out and set it on the work table to sort through and find what I’m looking for.

Lastly, there is a ‘go-backs’ box. Its actually an ottoman that has a top that lifts off. All of the fabrics that have been pulled out and are no longer in use go into the ottoman and later, our lovely assistant sorts through it and puts the fabrics back in their drawers. Voila, perfect system.


And this is my sweet Wheaten Terrier keeping me company at the office.

Something to make you go aah

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Peach and moss.. What a beautiful, bold, color combination!

I find this such a happy space, one that could quite possibly keep me from ever leaving. It is simply a feel good room.

It is refreshing to see the bed floating in the middle of the room, and a wise design choice to frame it with a rug and chandelier.  And that wallpaper! I have a thing for watercolor like fabrics, wallpapers and so on. This wallpaper is by Black Crow, other beautiful wallpapers are made by  Porter Teleo and can be customized.

Designed by Robert Passal for Traditional Home Magazine’s Hampton Show House.

Wallpaper by Black Crow
Upholstered bed frame fabric by Schumacher (Gainsborough Velvet in Apple)
Side table by Stephanie Odegard



New Curtains That Block Sound and Allow Light

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When I first moved out of my quite home in the hills of a small town and into a noise polluted city, I suffered many sleepless nights of sirens and countless frustrated days of attempted work. I have adapted over the last 3 years, but I still long for the peaceful quite I can’t seem to find in Los Angeles. There have been many different methods used to minimise noise but it has always come with the compromise of light. EMPA has developed a new lightweight textile that absorbs sound while still allowing daylight to shine through. This translucent textile which allows light to filter through is five times more sound proof than other curtains, cutting sound by 20% while other curtains only cut down 2-3%. The technology behind the curtains is a textile with foam like properties which trap the sound. Furthermore, it is fireproof. Win, win, win situation.

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