Lovely Herringbone Floors

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I have a design crush on wood herringbone floors, really herringbone anything. I’m especially fond of wide planked, slightly worn herringbone floors that make you think of beautiful French apartments, or more traditionally, European chateaus. I find herringbone patterns very elegant, yet masculine, which strikes a nice balance.

Todd Romano

Todd Romano

Herringbone and chevron patterns are often used interchangeably but they are not the same, although I do love both.  The herringbone pattern has staggered planks where as the chevron’s planks meet at a center line. Chevrons are cut on the diagonal while herringbone is not.

Chevron vs. Herringbone

Chevron vs. Herringbone


Levenson McDavid Architects

french herringbone


herringbone hallway

Chevron 3

Chevron entry

herringbone and star

whited painted chevron floors

herringbone wood grey floors

Trije Architeki


Beautiful chevron floors


Wood Floors Painted White

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White painted wood floors can give a room a  fresh look, open up the space and add a lot of light. I especially love the look of wide planks painted white.

If you have floors that either need to be refinished but have been too many times or it just isn’t in the budget, painting them is a great option.

I Adore This Kitchen

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Here is yet another kitchen I adore. The three things I love most about this kitchen (in order) are the arabesque black tiles (I more than love these), the large windows and the fresh cabinetry. I also really like the contrast between the black and white. However, I would have chosen different chairs and perhaps a more playful fabric on the cushions.

Nestor Carbonell's Kitchen. Designer Tia Zoldan

Painted and Stenciled Concrete Floors

July 16, 2011 § 7 Comments

If I had concrete floors, I would paint them. Painting and/or stenciling concrete is a rather budget friendly update. I feel it is  a chance to experiment and add a little fun into a space, and you don’t have to worry about growing tired of it because repainting it again would not be very difficult or expensive. I especially like this lace stenciled one below; reversing the colors and having a grey pattern on a white floor would be nice too I think.

Shyrdak Felt Rugs by Lavivahome

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These felt rugs, known as Shyrdak, is an old tradition of the nomadic Kyrgyz people. These rugs are pieces of art, incorporating sacred myths and symbols and the cyclical rhythm of the nomads world using a mosaic and quilt like technique of interlocking patterns.

Zebra Rugs

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I generally do not like animal prints, but I do have a different opinion when it comes to zebra prints. The zebra print is classic and sophisticated. It is versatile with the ability to be used in any interior, whether the interior be traditional or modern, and it can complement color scheme. When designing with animal prints its best to do it sparingly, one zebra rug will be plenty of animal print for one room.

Coco and Kelly

Apartment Therapy


Decor Pad



Decor Pad

Simply Seductive

Decor Pad

Fondovalle Ironwood Tiles

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I have a love for wood floors; the problem is that wood is not the most practical for wet areas, such as a bathroom, so when I came across Fondovalle’s Ironwood tile collection it was happiness. It was like discovering Yogurt Land all over again, the satisfaction of ice-cream but the benefit of frozen yogurt being healthier. The satisfaction of wood, but the benefit of tile being more water resistant.

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