A Secret Little Bedroom

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I am feeling over stressed and this room looks so incredibly wonderful right about now. Its simple, but cozy and comfortable, and void of any high technology that reminds me of all my responsibilities. All I want is to spend a few days with someone I really like in this room, talking, having tea, reading books, drawing, napping and looking at stars once the sun sets. Just look at those windows. This may not appeal to everyone, but it definitely speaks to me and my small town, basically in the redwoods, upbringing.


Savannah Rocker Chair – Jolyon Yates

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Today I was doing some research on eco friendly furniture and you can imagine how delighted I was to come across this beautiful chair that has the same name as me! Savannah. How wonderful is that? The Savannah Rocker is designed by Jolyon Yates; it is hand made using birch wood and is entirely environmentally green. With flowing curves and a gentle dip in the seat, this reclined rocking chair is a perfect place to relax in.


Savannah Rocker by Jolyon Yeates

Savannah Rocker by Jolyon Yeates

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Hanging Baby Cradles

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A year or so ago I fell in love with the hanging baby cradle by Leander. How can you not? It is a beautiful, Scandinavian design that is simple yet sophisticated. The gentle movement in which the cradle moves lulls a baby to sleep and promotes the babies sense of orientation, an important early development. The suspended cradle can be attached to either the ceiling or a stand, so it can be moved from room to room if needed. Leander products are also made from organic, sustainable materials, healthy for both baby and earth.

Suspended cradles, primarily available only from European manufacturers, have become very popular in Scandinavian countries, but not so in the U.S., or at least yet. Kindekeklein, Knoppa and Hushamock, have similar cradle designs to Leander that are also eco friendly and Kindkeklein makes a hanging twin cradle.


It is years till I have a baby, my precious puppy not included, but a Leander cradle will be the first piece of nursery furniture I get.

Float with Me?

February 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

Float by Okooko, designed by David Trubridge is something I’d only have dreams of. I love beds, I love nature, both? A perfect combination like cookies and milk. How lovely it would be if it could hang for a soothing swing.

David Trubridge  was chosen by Okooko to “create a concept that challenges how we sleep.” Okooko is an eco-friendly mattress and bedroom-furniture manufacturer based in New Zealand that makes beds with natural latex, bamboo, wool and uses wood from sustainable forests that are maintained by New Zealand government. Okooko plants a native tree in New Zealand whenever a bedroom suite is bought.

Note: as of now, this is a concept product. Okooko.com | Photo credit: Chris Parker


Thinking of a Better Kitchen

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An amazing design of an Eco Friendly Kitchen 

My two favorites of this little green kitchen are the hanging dishes that drip water into the herb garden and the incredibly convenient cutting board with a compost below. Brilliant!

  Wolds Most Eco Kitchen

Better Use For Sawdust

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Designer Yoav Avinoam uses sawdust, a normally discarded material, to make furniture. The sawdust is mixed with a resin to hold it together and then it is cast into pieces of furniture.  I enjoy the irony of the dirt like table top with legs that appear to be trees growing upside-down.

Design Green | Blog on Interior Design

Sunday Clouds

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 I love everything about this photograph. I love the dark wood, the cream sheets that make me imagine sunday morning clouds, the contrast between the two, the delicate but slightly wild flower arrangement  and the bold, playfulness of the purple.


Now, there is nothing like entering a room as beautiful as this, crawling into bed and slipping between your favorite sheets after a long day. It is a daily happiness that you can rely on so long as you have the perfect sheets. Anna Sova sheets are eco friendly and are made according to fair labor prices, which is guaranteed by inspects to each factory that makes Anna Sova fabrics. Visit AnnaSova.com to see beautiful silk sheets, hand woven ikats and more. 

Anna Sova | Blog on Interior Design

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