Dimmer Switches – Thursday Tip 3

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Dimmer switches add instant ambiance and can transform the mood of a room. It can add romance, elegance, relaxation and make a room more intimate and inviting. Having lights on dimmers is also convenient for when you wake in the night for something such as a glass of water, and can just turn on the lights a little instead of blinding yourself, shocking your recently rested eyes. It’s a good choice for the closet, bedroom and bathroom; three places spent shortly after waking.

Elle Decor

Empty Frames Wall Gallery – Tip

March 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Empty frames are a great substitute for buying art. All you need is a collection of frames, whichever style you prefer and then hang them in an artful way. You can find frames doing some thrift store wondering. Don’t turn your head if it is not a prefered color, if the frame itself is of quality, you can spray paint them to make a mismatched bunch more cohesive. You can make this wall of empty frames as large or small as you like. For positioning, look at all the frames as a whole and make the center at eye level.

DIY Sentimental Art – Thursday Tip 2

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"Key To My Heart' by Savannah B. Lubomirski

I strongly believe in making your own art. It’s really quite simple if you don’t over think it and it’s much more sentimental if you do it yourself.
For my four year anniversary with my sweetheart I made him this piece of art.
I first picked a few sentimental pieces and then wondered the thrift stores to find some interesting little knickknacks. I then lined the back of a deep frame with a white handmade paper that had a subtle texture. I  painted my little treasures black and lastly I attached them using a hot glue gun.
I choose a steel frame and black knickknacks since this was for my guy and because it already had love written all over it I had to find a way to make sure it wasn’t too cutesy. You can change the design shape, frame and color depending on who it is for and/or what style you want; if you are going for a mod style try a bright turquoise, or if it is for a little girl the design could be a heart in a mid-tone pink.

Under Cabinet Cup Hooks – Thursday Tip 1

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Little Blue Hen

In the house that I grew up there are hooks under the cabinets to hang mugs. My whole family drinks tea, every day, all day, so naturally we need a convenient place to store them, cup hooks under the cabinet is the answer. Displaying your beautiful mugs on cup hooks is both practical and elegant, and very cheap to do, as you can get a box of hooks for only a few dollars at your local hardware store. If you want to get really fancy, there are some companies that make units for hanging cups.


Under the shelf cup holder: thestoragestore.com/cupholder.html

Slide out cup hooks: organizeit.com/mounted-sliding-cup-storage-rack.asp

Screw free: containerstore.com/shop/kitchen/cabinetOrganizers/upperCabinets?productId=10000713

Plain and simple hooks: http://hardware.hardwarestore.com/28-447-cup-hooks.aspx

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