Pinstripe Walls – DIY

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Pinstripe walls are very sophisticated and classy, just like a classy pinstripe suit.
Emily Henderson, HGTV’s latest Design Star, gave a wonderful tip on how to paint pinstripe walls.
I will speak of this in terms of the photograph below. First paint your base coat black. Then use 2 inch think painters tape, measuring it at the top and bottom to make sure its even, and leave a thin space between each (about 1/8 inch) for your white stripes. Then you paint another coat of black paint where the white stripes will be in the end, this is to make sure that the bleeding, which is unavoidable, will be the black onto the black. Then you paint your white layer. When it is dry, remove the tape. There will be some little imperfects, but just touch them up with a small paint brush.

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Charles Newhaven Wallpaper

Designer Emily Henderson

Vertical Striped Walls – Post 50

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Striped walls are a quick way to add drama and excitement to a room. Vertical stripes elongate a room and make the ceiling appear higher. The colors you choose will result in different moods; stripes using monotone colors are always a safe choice. Dark colors will make the room smaller and grab a lot of attention. Pastel stripes are elegant and open up a space. Stripes that alternate between a matte finish and a gloss finish of the same color is the most subtle, yet the most interesting and unexpected. Avoid highly contrasting colors as they can be very dominating and jarring. If you fear you will grow tired of stripes there is no need to worry, as paint is the easiest change to make.

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