Brilliant Design Solutions for the Kitchen

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This is my favorite. Absolutely brilliant! And I thought a “scrap bowl” while cooking was a good idea. You could even do this yourself!

The end to reaching dishes from shelves too high and the difficulties of trying to grab 5 plus dinner plates at once. Gravity is with you on this one.

Silverware dividers are often full of odd sizes and holds an unreasonably small amount. Here you can have whatever size you want. Simple pleasures that matter…

Keep paper towels a little more hidden. They are not pretty, so why display them?

A Bright and Airy French Kitchen

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I adore this, specifically the beautiful windows. I can just imagine myself sipping on a cold glass of somethin’ in the summer time and eating that juicy watermelon.

Color Inspiration: Succulents Succulents

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via. Style Me Pretty

via. Piece of Shell

via. Black Bird Experience on Etsy

Ideas for Wall Art

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Whimsical Playfulness in Malmö, Sweden

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The first picture I saw of this Swedish house was the staircase; such a small space but eye catching and I had to see the rest. What I love is the crisp white walls paired with the bold, playful colors. My favorites are the living room art, kitchen drapes, and of course, the goats. We should have things in our home that makes us smile, these goats make me smile.

A World of Fabrics

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Savannah Bleue Lubomirski

After exploring fabric for new clients earlier this month, Sara and I left the Pacific Design Center with almost more than we could carry. It would seem we had enough, but not quite, so I will be continuing the gathering of beautiful fabrics tomorrow; what a perfect way to start the week.

A few of our favorites by Manuel Canovas: Para, Cayenne and Alma

Beautiful Shumacher greens: Maroc Linen Damask and Marrakesh Velvet

A pretty pink with a touch of metallic by Raoul Textiles

Savannah Bleue Lubomirski

The process of choosing what fabrics will go with which projects

Outdoor Dining Space & A Blue To Love

January 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

I want a little whimsy escape in my backyard such as this.

And this tranquil cornflower blue somewhere in my house.